Dark Cocoa Bean Bundt with Fudge Vegan + Gluten Free

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Prepare to dive into pure chocolatey bliss with our Vegan & Gluten-Free Dark Cocoa Bean Bundt—a masterpiece crafted from the finest organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. Handcrafted with love in small batches, this Bundt cake isn't just delicious—it's a chocolate lover's dream come true!

Imagine sinking your teeth into a slice of our indulgent Bundt cake, where each bite is irresistibly soft, outrageously rich, and bursting with intense chocolate flavor that will have your taste buds doing a happy dance. 

But here's the cherry on top: choosing our Vegan & Gluten-Free Dark Cocoa Bean Bundt isn't just about treating yourself. It's about making a positive impact on the planet. Did you know that opting for vegan options can be a small step towards combating climate change? Indeed, by enjoying our Bundt cake, you're not just satisfying your sweet tooth; you're also contributing to environmental and animal welfare.

So why wait? Let's indulge in the chocolatey fun and take a bite of our Vegan & Gluten-Free Dark Cocoa Bean Bundt today! It's a guilt-free indulgence that's as good for your taste buds as it is for the planet. Let's make every bite count—because saving the world never tasted so delicious!

  • Shelf life 10 days.
  • Store at room temperature
  • Feeds 20-24 people.
  • We don't write on cakes, piping frosting has chemicals and preservatives we tend to stay away from.
  • No worries, we offer birthday candles and a hand written card free of charge.

Energy, 330 kcal
Fat, 13.5g (21%)
- Saturated Fat, 3.2g (16%)
- Trans Fat, 0g (0%)
- Cholesterol, 0mg (0%)
Carbohydrate, 52g (18%)
- Added Sugars, 22g
Protein, 8g (16%)
Sodium, 123mg (5%)
Potassium, 348mg (10%)
Calcium, 31mg (3%)
Iron, 3mg (16%)
Vitamin A, 20IU (.5%)

Ingredients: Oat Flour*, Organic Vegan Sugar*, Coconut Oil (Non-GMO), Potato Starch*, Non-Dairy Chocolate Chips*, Cocoa Powder*, Tapioca Flour*, Flaxseed*, Water, Baking Soda*, Xanthan*, Salt*

Frosting: Powdered Sugar, Cocoa Powder,  and sustainably Sourced Palm Oil & Vanilla. 

*Certified Gluten-free

CONTAIN SOY (from Soy Lecithin found in chocolate)