Our Story

Founded in 1992, Sensible Edibles opened its oven doors to serve New Yorkers nutritious foods, handcrafted from only clean ingredients. As Vegan & Gluten-Free Wholesale Bakery, Sensible Edibles has delivered delicious, health-conscious, forward-thinking baked goods throughout New York City. Hand in hand with your favorite café, we love sharing in your happiness, health, and wellness. Want to learn more about our ingredients? check out our learn section

Wassem Moarsi 

Sensible Edibles’ earliest days were Wassem’s childhood. Growing up watching your father start a vegan & gluten-free wholesale bakery would probably foster an appreciation for the craft in any kid, but being raised around fresh ideas and ingredients inspired a love for it. After years of helping out, the bakery’s passion for the mechanics of life became his own. While continuing to work part-time, Wassem earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Manhattan College and moved onto obtain his Master’s in Biology from Queens College. Freshly equipped with an intimate knowledge of the science of life, Wassem returned to Sensible Edibles where he now personally oversees every aspect of the bakery.

The team 

Our Philosophy

No processed ingredients, no preservatives, no chemicals, no assembly lines

We believe in simple food and value ingredients you can recognize and pronounce, made by hand with love. At Sensible we aim to turn guilty pleasures into healthy snacks. We are aware of today’s prevalent food allergies and ingredient sensitivity, whether its nut-free, plant-based, or gluten-free. We are here to create foods to live by.

Question what you eat. 

Ask what goes into your food. Question how your body feels after eating. learn about the nutritional value of the ingredients or lack thereof. Invest in the food that supports what’s most important, your health.

It should be easy for everyone to eat great food.

Great food should be in your neighborhood and wherever you go. That’s why we believe in wholesale distribution. We know how hard it can be to find clean food, so we are partnering with local businesses throughout New York to change the standard as it stands today.

Keep it simple. 

We believe in community and happiness. So, we believe in health. That means sweets when you’re feeling good and when you’re feeling down. We believe in love. Hands are meant to be held and hold great things. We believe in simple. We believe in Sensible.

Few investments in life really matter and even fewer are entirely our own to make. Yet every single day we're faced with one of the most important decisions we make. Every time you eat, you have the opportunity to make the right choice and invest in yourself.

David Moarsi
Founder, Sensible Edibles

Our Philosophy



What is gluten? Why local? What is spelt flour? An educated customer is a powerful thing. Let’s cut through all the buzzwords and fads and understand what we’re eating.



Even though you won’t be able to try a bite on our website, learn about what we make and find us in your neighborhood!



Be the place that brings Sensible Edibles to your neighborhood (it’s a good feeling, trust us).