Oreo Cheesecake

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You're favorite cookie in a cake...

Crafted with our signature creamy filling, this Vegan Gluten-free Oreo cheesecake offers the ultimate Oreo fix that dessert dreams are made of. With Oreo's introduction of certified gluten-free cookies, we knew we had to elevate our game. Thus, we created this irresistible cookie-cake combo guaranteed to steal the spotlight at any special occasion, party, or gathering.

Inside and out, we've packed America's favorite cookie into every layer of our cruelty-free cheesecake. But we didn't stop there—we've also infused this indulgent dessert with ample plant-based protein, ensuring you satisfy your cravings without compromising on nutrition.

Curious about our obsession with gluten-free? It's simple: we just feel better without it, and our guts agree. While gluten has been a staple in our diets for centuries, modern processing and chemical modification have changed its composition, leaving a less-than-ideal impact on our bodies. The food industry often adds gluten for taste, texture, and as a binding agent—a practice we've witnessed firsthand. While those with celiac disease must avoid gluten, many individuals may experience sensitivity to it. That's why we advocate for a diet free of processed foods, which often translates to—you guessed it—gluten-free options.
Ready to experience the bliss of our Vegan Gluten-free Oreo Cheesecake? Dive in and savor every bite, then let us know how you feel. We're confident it'll be love at first taste.

  • Shelf life 10 days, please refrigerate.
  • We don't write on cakes, piping frosting has chemicals and dyes we prefer to stay away from. Don't panic just yet, we offer FREE birthday candles that read out "Happy Birthday" and a hand written card.

Energy, 455 kcal
Fat, 16g (25%)
- Saturated Fat, 7g (35%)
- Trans Fat, 0g (0%)
- Cholesterol, 0 mg (0%)
Carbohydrate, 27g (9%)
- Added Sugars, 25g
Protein, 2g (4%)
Sodium, 196 mg (8%)
Potassium, 272mg (8%)
Calcium, 32mg (3%)
Iron, 1mg (7%)
Vitamin A, 3862IU (77%)

Ingredients: Organic Vegan Cane Sugar*, Tofu, Vegan Cream Cheese*, Light Brown Sugar*, GF Oreos, Coconut Milk, Maple Syrup, Corn Starch*, Lemon juice, Vanilla.

Crust: Cocoa powder Vegan Chocolate chips Rice Flour, Oat Flour, Potato Starch, Tapioca Flour, Organic Cane Sugar. Coconut oil. Xanthan. Water. Salt.

*Certified Gluten-free