Vegan & Gluten-Free Chocolate Fudge Cake


Rich, dark, and decadent vegan chocolate cake like no other

So you've made it! You're officially off gluten, dairy, soy, or peanuts. Good for you! But now you are starting to realize something is missing. One day you catch yourself drooling over a piece of dessert. Then, you say to yourself "well hot damn! I miss chocolate". You're not alone. Welcome to the club. Once you've adopted an ingredient-conscious lifestyle you realize the limitations to good-tasting foods. It's quite extraordinary how hard it can be to find a good piece of vegan chocolate cake — given we are in NYC. Well, not at Sensible. We wanted to create something we all can enjoy regardless of our specific diet restrictions. So we set out to make a chocolate cake without all the BS. After much debate, we realized that the flour, eggs, even the dairy actually muted what we all crave so dearly: THE CHOCOLATE! Once we adjusted the recipe to omit these "filler ingredients", the result were an overwhelming success. A rich dark decadent vegan gluten-free chocolate cake. This recipe was such a hit among all chocolate lovers vegan or not! Now we pride ourselves on our chocolate cake: a simple and bitter-sweet chocolate cake filled with 3 layers of our homemade chocolate ganache. If chocolate isn't your thing, check out the Seasonal Vegan gluten-free Red Velvet Cake or make your own with recipes from the talented Minimalist baker.

— Shelf life 10 days.

— Store at room temperature.

— Feeds 20-24 people.

— We don't write on cakes, piping frosting has chemicals and preservatives we tend to stay away from. Don't panic just yet, we got you covered, we offer birthday candles that read out "Happy Birthday" and a hand written card free of charge.

Energy, 370 kcal
Fat, 16g (25%)
- Saturated Fat, 5g (24%)
- Trans Fat, 0g (0%)
- Cholesterol, 0mg (0%)
Carbohydrate, 60g (20%)
- Added Sugars, 29g
Protein, 8g (17%)
Sodium, 124mg (5%)
Potassium, 383mg (11%)
Calcium, 36mg (3%)
Iron, 3.5mg (20%)
Vitamin A, 20IU (<1%)

Ingredients: Oat Flour*, Organic Cane Sugar*, Coconut Oil, Potato Starch*, Semi-Sweet, Non-Dairy Chocolate Chips*, Cocoa Powder*, Tapioca Flour*, Flaxseed*, Water, Baking Soda*, Xanthan*, Salt*.

Frosting: Powdered Sugar*, Cocoa Powder*, sustainably Sourced Palm Oil & Vanilla. 

*Certified Gluten-free