Banana Walnut Cake


If It's your birthday, so we think you deserve to go totally bananas.

 This vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free banana cake is packed with protein, fiber, and all kinds of healthy goodness. It's even topped with maple frosting made from sustainably sourced palm oil and organic vegan butter. Making a cake that's super moist on the inside, and crispy on the edges.

This is no ordinary birthday cake. This is a special vegan birthday banana cake, with not one but three layers of banana walnut goodness and a triple dose of maple frosting in between! A nutty and sweet cake that's good for you, too. so, it's perfect for a birthday party or any day you want to be treated like a king/queen! 

when you have a special occasion coming up and you’re looking for an epic cake that everyone will love, look no further because we got you covered with this Vegan Banana Birthday Cake.

— Shelf life is 10 days, please refrigerate.

— Feeds 20-24 people

We don’t write on cakes, piping frosting has chemicals and preservatives we tend to stay away from. But we offer birthday candles that read out “Happy Birthday” and a handwritten card free of charge.


Energy, 430 kcal
Fat, 19g (30%)
- Saturated Fat, 13g (66%)
- Cholesterol, 0mg (0%)
Carbohydrate, 45g (14%)
- Added Sugars, 28g
Protein, 4g (8%)
Sodium, 350mg (14%)
Potassium, 170 mg (5%)
Calcium, 28 mg (3%)
Iron, .5mg (3%)
Vitamin A, 2IU (<1%)

Ingredients: Certified Gluten-free Oat Flour*, Organic Bananas, Organic Cane Sugar*, Brown Sugar*, Coconut Milk, Canola Oil, Walnuts, Organic Cinnamon*, Organic Vegan Butter, Salt*, Vanilla, Baking Powder*.

*Certified Gluten-free