Gluten-free Sourdough Starter

Want to make your sourdough bread at home tonight? Youve come to the write place. This is a one time purchase, buy this glutenfreee sourdoughbstarter and bever buy bread again. If fed properly you can keep this live sourdough for this rest of your life. Simply set a side 1 tabe spoon (20 grams) of this gluten-free starter and add 50 grams of water a 60 of rice flour once a week to keep it fed. Remember to leave it out for about 4 hours, when it's at its peak,  then stroke in refrigerator for up to 1 week. Now, any time during that week you can add this starter about 120 grams, because the bacteria will have eaten aboutn 10 grams by then (that's a good thing) to your choice of flour or our pre-made gluten free baker's bread flour to bake your first bread withing 4-6 hours. 
Let's start a step by step direction to using this starter to bake your bread.
Add 350 g or 1 and 1/2 cup of water to your starter. You dont need to mix your dough as one would with wheat dough, because theres bo gluten. Remener to grease your loaf pan. Proof for 4 hours In the oven (turned off) with the light on. Keep your dough covered while proofing. Prefeat to 525 degrees. Then bake for 25 minutes and snd additional 15 uncovered.

Introducing our Gluten-Free Live Sourdough Starter – the key to crafting delicious homemade bread without the worry of gluten. With this one-time purchase, bid farewell to store-bought loaves and embrace the joy of baking in your own kitchen. Keep this live sourdough companion for a lifetime by following simple feeding instructions.

Maintaining your gluten-free starter is a breeze. Set aside just 1 tablespoon (20 grams), add 50 grams of water, and 60 grams of rice flour weekly. After 4 hours at room temperature, store it in the refrigerator for up to a week. Don't worry about the reduction in quantity; it's a sign of thriving bacteria.

Now, let's dive into the baking process. Begin by adding 350 grams or 1 and 1/2 cups of water to your starter. No need for vigorous mixing – gluten-free means a more forgiving dough. Grease your loaf pan, proof for 4 hours in the oven with the light on, and keep it covered.

Preheat to 525 degrees, then bake for 25 minutes covered, followed by an additional 15 minutes uncovered. Within 4-6 hours, you'll have a fresh, gluten-free bread using your choice of flour or our pre-made gluten-free baker's bread flour. Say goodbye to gluten and hello to a lifetime of delightful, homemade sourdough bread.

Ingredients: Rice Flour