Coconut Custard Pie


Our Coconut Custard Pie is made with organic coconut cream and pure vanilla extract. The slow-baked filling and flaky crust is topped with toasted coconut. 

  • Shelf life 7 days.
  • Please refrigerate.


Coconut flakes, organic coconut cream, tofu (soy), organic vegan sugar, corn starch, vanilla, salt, and V/GF crust.

V/GF Crust: Gluten-free white rice flour, certified gluten-free tapioca flour, organic oat flour, certified gluten-free potato starch, organic cane sugar, organic vegan butter, xanthan, water, and salt.

Contains no major allergens.

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Nutritional Facts

Shipping and Delivery

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Key features

Vegans welcome! Plant-Based/Dairy Free (no eggs, milk, or butter)

Baked with certified gluten-free ingredients in our fully gluten-free kitchen

Crafted with care over the last 30 years and spanning two generations.

Made in a climate pledge facility that sources 100% wind and solar energy 

Sustainably packaged with repurposed food-safe boxes

Sourcing food locally fosters economic growth within communites and reduces carbon emissions

Certified Gluten-free

Our kitchen is fully gluten-free. If you’re Celiac, rest assured we’ve eliminated the risk of cross-contamination. Even without allergy symptoms, you might find that removing gluten creates space for healthier foods in your diet. Replacing traditional flours with almond, oat, tapioca, and coconut enhances flavor and nutritional value. It’s always best to speak with a professional before making major dietary changes. Consult a registered dietitian to ensure your diet remains well-rounded.

Human Made

Mass produced food is often laden with preservatives, artificial ingredients, and designed to cut costs- not here! Quality is our first priority. SENSIBLE products are made with love by humans for humans.  No robots allowed!


You don't have to go fully vegan to make a positive impact. The most powerful thing anyone can do to fight climate change is reducing meat consumption. You also might find yourself turning to more nutrient-rich plant based food. That's great for your health and the planet. Animal agriculture is a strain on our land, water, and greenhouse gas supplies. 

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At Sensible, we turn guilty pleasures into healthy snacks with simple, fresh, sustainably sourced food. We advocate for an ingredient-conscious lifestyle that puts the health of people and the planet first. 

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