Banana Walnut Cake


It's your birthday, so you deserve to go totally bananas. Here's three layers of banana walnut cake and a triple dose of maple frosting to get you started.

  • Shelf life is 10 days, please refrigerate.
  • Feeds 20-24 people
  • We don’t write on cakes. Piping frosting has chemicals and preservatives we tend to stay away from. BUT! We do offer birthday candles that read out “Happy Birthday” and a handwritten card free of charge.


Certified gluten-free oat flour, organic bananas, organic cane sugar, certified gluten-free potato starch, certified gluten-free tapioca flour, organic sunflower oil, walnuts, organic ceylon cinnamon, sustainably sourced palm oil, organic vegan butter (soy-free), powdered sugar, salt, vanilla extract, and baking soda.
Allergen: contains walnuts.

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Nutritional Facts

Shipping and Delivery

We offer NYC local delivery, pickup services, and nationwide shipping. Certain items, like cakes and pies, require next-day delivery, so regions such as the West Coast and Midwest may experience limitations.



Key features

Vegans welcome! Plant-Based/Dairy Free (no eggs, milk, or butter)

Baked with certified gluten-free ingredients in our fully gluten-free kitchen

100% natural ingredients. No chemicals. No preservatives. 

Sourcing food locally fosters economic growth within communites and reduces carbon emissions 

Baker's dozen — this one is popular, so extras are donated weekly to our local NYC homeless shelter, reducing waste and nurturing our community

Sourcing food locally fosters economic growth within communites and reduces carbon emissions

Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients are great for your health and the environment. Foods that are close to their natural state are typically free from synthetic additives. They're rich in vitamins and minerals and lower in added sugars. Natural food supports heart and digestive health by providing antioxidants, fiber, and protein. These ingredients help manage blood sugar levels. Natural foods also require less energy and produce less waste.

Locally Sourced 

By sourcing food locally, we're supporting businesses in our community. This also lowers carbon emissions from shipping. Local farms are more likely to use permaculture farming practices. This method nurtures soil and strives to maintain ecological balance found in nature.

Certified Gluten-free

Our kitchen is fully gluten-free. If you’re Celiac, rest assured we’ve eliminated the risk of cross-contamination. Even without allergy symptoms, you might find that removing gluten creates space for healthier foods in your diet. Replacing traditional flours with almond, oat, tapioca, and coconut enhances flavor and nutritional value. It’s always best to speak with a professional before making major dietary changes. Consult a registered dietitian to ensure your diet remains well-rounded.

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At Sensible, we turn guilty pleasures into healthy snacks with simple, fresh, sustainably sourced food. We advocate for an ingredient-conscious lifestyle that puts the health of people and the planet first. 

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